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DANTE at Telecoms99 in KPN stand

On behalf of the Quantum consortium and as a major customer of KPN, DANTE was invited to exhibit at the KPN stand during Telecoms 99 in Geneva from 10-17 October 1999. To have a visible demonstration of the TEN-155 network, DANTE asked the EDISON project to demonstrate their use of the TEN-155 Managed Bandwidth Service (MBS). In addition to a distributed simulation for astronauts' and ground controllers' training, EDISON showed a demonstration of distributed vibro-accoustic car design as well as design for an automated transfer vehicle used to support the International Space Station. The TEN-155 MBS connected EDISON sites in France and Germany to the PalEXPO Centre in Geneva.

DANTE at Telecoms99 in KPN stand image 1

The photos show the EDISON demo on the KPN stand. The 3-D screen projects the space docking demonstration where astronauts and operators practice the manual docking of an Automated Transfer Vehicle with the International Space Station.

DANTE at Telecoms99 in KPN stand image 2
The TEN-155 network also supported a number of European projects at the EC stand during Telecoms 99.