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Task Force TEN
Task Force TEN logo February 1997 - December 1998
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  1. To organise and carry out testing of advanced ATM technology over the JAMES ATM network as part of the TEN-34 Project.
Achievements Completion of test suite resulting in set of deliverables examining the tested technologies on their practical applicability in the design of the next generation network (TEN-155).
  • August 1996: Specification of Phase 1 Test Programme.
  • Dec 1996: Interim Results of Phase 1 Test Programme.
  • April 1997: Results of Phase 1 Test Programme.
  • July 1997: Procedures for Using JAMES Test Facilities.
  • July 1997: Specification of Phase 2 Test Programme.
  • June 1998: Results of Phase 2 Test Programme.    
Partners  ACOnet (Austria)
DANTE (Co-ordination)
GARR (Italy)
DFN / RUS (Germany)
FCCN (Portugal)
NORDUnet (Nordic countries)
RedIRIS (Spain)
RENATER (France)
SURFnet (Netherlands)
SWITCH (Switzerland)
University Brussels (ULB/STC) (Belgium)