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EuropaNET logo October 1992 - 1997
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  1. Establishment of high-speed European (multi-protocol) backbone network.
  2. Provision of transatlantic and other intercontinental connectivity.
  3. Provision of gateways to other networks.
  • Individual countries' connectivity at 2Mbps - 8Mbps.
  • Transatlantic capacity increasing from 3.5Mbps to 26Mbps.
  • Gateway arrangements with Ebone and EUnet.
  • Connection to Phare countries.
  • Connection to Korea (64kbps) under EC EKORN Project.
  • Connection to Japan (2Mbps).
  • October 1992: start of EMPB (European Mult-Protocol Backbone) provided by PTT Telecom/Unisource offering both IP and X.25 services.
  • December 1993: Six countries with 2Mbps connectivity to EMPB.
  • March 1994: 3.5Mbps transatlantic connectivity.
  • August 1994: Establishment of Korean connection.
  • December 1994: 5Mbps transatlantic connectivity.
  • March 1995: 6.5Mbps transatlantic connectivity.
  • October 1995: BT’s IBDNS (International Backbone Data Network Service) replaces Unisource’s EMPB, 14Mbps US connectivity.
  • August 1996: BT’s INCS (InterNet Carrier Services) replaces IBDNS.
  • April 1996: 20Mbps transatlantic connectivity.
  • August 1996: 26Mbps transatlantic connectivity.
  • May 1997: first networks transfer to TEN-34; downsizing of EuropaNET starts.
(Co-)Funding European Commission and project partners.
Partners ACOnet (Austria)
ARIADNE (Greece)
DFN (Germany)
HEANET (Ireland)
GARR (Italy)
NORDUnet (Nordic countries)
REUNIR (France)
SURFnet (The Netherlands)
SWITCH (Switzerland)
VUB-ULB (Belgium)