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QTP - Quantum Test Programme by Task Force TANT

Quantum Test Programme by Task Force TANT

Carried out by joint DANTE-TERENA Task Force TANT (Testing of Advanced Networking Technologies)
November 1998- May 2000
  1. Testing and validating new technologies, products and services with a view to introducing them into the operational TEN-155 service at some future date.
  • Detailed results on all work items can be found in Deliverable D6.2, published in June 2000.
  • Work on IP multicast very successful in that in October 1999 a pilot IP multicast service based on PIM-SM, MBGP and MSDP started on TEN-155 which was transformed into an operational service in April 2000.
  • Developments of flow measurement and analysis activity was also partly deployed on the TEN-155 operational network and NREN operational networks, especially in the area of traffic analysis and DoS detection.
  • Work on IP over ATM outlined that the initial use of ATM on TEN-155 was the most effective, whilst other mechanisms that in theory could have been more efficient were either not developed yet or not working properly.
  • All other activities produced many experimental results, but did not result in service specifications or pilot services.
  • November 1998: TF-TANT is established, work items determined.
  • February 1999: Test plans finalised.
  • October 1999: Joint TF-TANT/Quantum Policy Committee (QPC) workshop to report on progress made.
  • November 1999: Interim results published in D6.1; start of IP multicast pilot.
  • April 2000: Start of IP multicast operational service.
  • May 2006: Final results published in D6.2.
Partners All participants in TEN-155, as well as a substantial number of other organisations and equipment and telecoms companies (for complete overview, see participants’ lists in meeting minutes).