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  1. Phare COSINE Programme (1991 - 1994)
  2. Phare 1994 R&D Networking Programme (1994 - 1997)
  1. Phare 1: Providing international connectivity to Romania, Hungary and the Czech Republic.
  2. Phare 2: Providing basic hardware and software components as well as international connectivity to 11 Central and Eastern European countries.
  • Phare 1: Romania, Hungary and the Czech Republic connected to EMPB by 1993.
  • Phare 2: Albania, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia benefitted from the components supply element; all 11 countries connected to either EMPB, Ebone or NORDUnet.
  • 1991: start of Phare 1.
  • 1993: Romania, Czech Republic and Hungary connected to the European Research Network.
  • October 1994: start of Phare 2.
  • February 1996: supply tender evaluated.
  • March 1996: start of contracting work.
  • December 1996: all countries (except Albania and Bulgaria) connected.
  • 1997: Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovenia become full participants in TEN-34.
(Co-)Funding Phare 1: PHARE/COSINE Programme
Phare 2: PHARE 1994 R&D Networking Programme (Budget ECU4 million)
Partners DANTE
ARNES (Slovenia)
CESnet (Czech Republic)
CSTID (Albania)
EENet (Estonia)
LITNET (Lithuania)
NASK (Poland)
RNC (Romania)
SANET (Slovakia)
SigmaNet (Latvia)
UNICOM-B (Bulgaria)