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13th December 2001
SEQUIN Brochure - December 2001 (14 kB)

30th November 2001
SEQUIN Developments as reported in The Works of DANTE (19 kB)


31st May 2001
QoS and IP Premium service specification and implementation (329 kB)
Presentation given by Mauro Campanella (GARR) at the TERENA Networking Conference 2001, May 2001.

8th March 2002
SLA definition for the provision of an EF-based service (32 kB)
Presentation by Afrodite Sevasti et al, 16th International Workshop on Communications Quality & Reliability (CQR 2002), Okinawa, Japan, May 14th-16th 2002.

11th March 2002
Sequin and Premium IP (23 kB)
Presentation by Simon Leinen, presentation at SWITCH national technical conference, Zurich 15th November 2001.

14th June 2002
The SEQUIN Project and GEANT Network - QoS for European Research and Education Networks (639 kB)
Presentation by R. Sabatino, 2nd International Workshop on Quality of future Internet Services QofIS 2001, Coimbra, Portugal, 24th-26th September 2001.

27th June 2002
Agenda presentation at SEQUIN Review - Cambridge, 27th June 2002 (1456 kB)
Overview of Work package results so far.


31st March 2001
D2.1 Quality of Service Definition (172 kB)
This deliverable provides a definition of QoS which is independent of the underlying networking technology.

11th June 2002
Addendum 1 to D2.1, Implementation architecture for the Premium IP service (131 kB)
This addendum specifies the implementation architecture for the Premium IP service described in Deliverable D 9.1, which aims at offering the equivalent of an end to end virtual leased line service at the IP layer across multiple domains.

26th October 2001
Addendum 2 to D2.1, SLA specification for a Premium IP service (84 kB)
The document elaborates a template for the Service Level Agreement for the Premium IP service.

30th April 2002
Addendum 3 to D2.1, Monitoring and Verifying Premium IP SLAs (172 kB)
SEQUIN investigates methods for providing QoS differentiated services over the IP-based networks such as the GÉANT network.

17th April 2002
D3.1 Definition of Testbed (153 kB)
This deliverable provides a description of the international testbed that will be used to validate the architectural models and the technology to be used to provide end-to-end QoS services.

30th April 2002
D4.1 Dissemination and Use Plan (88 kB)
This deliverable describes the approach of the SEQUIN consortium towards dissemination of project results into the scientific and networking communities.

31st May 2002
D4.2 QoS Implementation Plan (84 kB)
The suggested solution for QoS is Premium IP.

20th December 2001
D5.1 Proof of Concept testing (646 kB)
This deliverable provides an overview of the proof of concept testing carried out to verify the functionality of Premium IP.

30th April 2002
Addendum 1 to D5.1, results of H.323 testing (156 kB)
During the course of the project a model for QoS provisioning in GÉANT network has been defined and implemented as the IP-Premium service.

7th June 2002
D6.1 Testing in a user environment (285 kB)
This document reports on the tests performed co-operatively with a small number of user groups.

SEQUIN Workshop, 1st February 2002

15th February 2002
Workshop photo album (7895 kB)
Pictures taken during the day.

14th February 2002
ATRIUM - a Testbed of Terabit IP Routers running MPLS over DWDM (484 kB)
by Wim Barbaix (IST-ATRIUM).

7th February 2002
SEQUIN Tests (269 kB)
by Nicolas Simar (DANTE/SEQUIN).

2nd February 2002
IST Project LION (269 kB)

7th February 2002
Monitoring Infrastructure (274 kB)
by Nicolas Simar (DANTE/SEQUIN)