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SErvice QUality across Independently Managed Networks
November 2000 - June 2002
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  1. To define and implement an end-to-end approach to quality of service (QoS) operating across multiple management domains and exploiting a combination of IP and ATM technology.
  • Quality of Service definition based on four criteria: delay, Instantaneous Packet Delay Variation (IPDV), capacity and packet loss.
  • Specification of implementation architecture for Premium IP.
  • Creation of service level agreement (SLA) template.
  • Definition of test beds.
  • Execution of user group testing.
  • October 2000: Kick-off meeting in Zurich to allocate tasks under the various work packages and prepare the way forward.
  • February 2001: More than 10 interviews of network users assessing their QoS requirements were used for a definition of services.
  • April 2001: Report to the European Commission detailing the technological approach the SEQUIN team used to develop the parameterised definition of QoS based on four criteria; carrying out of equipment tests.
  • June 2001: First draft SLA for premium IP service.
  • 2nd half 2001: Carrying out of tests on test beds.
  • February 2002: Workshop held to disseminate results of the SEQUIN project; to receive feedback; to provide an opportunity for the academic and research community to express requirements for network QoS in view of future planning.
Partners DANTE (Co-ordinating partner)
DFN (Germany) in co-operation with Fraunhofer FOKUS and University of Stuttgart (RUS and IND)
GARR (Italy)
GRNET (Greece)
POL-34 (Poland)
RENATER (France)
SWITCH (Switzerland)
Co-(Funding) Co-funded by the European Commission under the Information Society Technologies (IST) Programme.