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GÉANT logo November 2000 - June 2005
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Objective(s) Improve the previous TEN-155 pan-European research network by creating a new backbone offering:
  1. Gigabit speeds.
  2. Geographical expansion.
  3. Global connectivity.
  4. Guaranteed quality of service.
  • European countries connected at backbone speeds of up to 10Gbps.
  • Expanded service portfolio: Premium IP; Best Effort; Less than Best Effort; IPv4 Multicast; IPv6 services.
  • In addition to connecting the existing 25 European Union member states (including the 10 countries that joined the EU in 2004), GÉANT provided services to the EU candidate countries and also to Iceland, Israel, Norway and Russia.
  • In total, GÉANT interconnected more than 3,500 research and education institutions in 33 countries through 29 national and regional research and education networks.
  • July 2001: contracts with suppliers signed.
  • October 2001: first traffic on GÉANT flows.
  • May 2002: GÉANT Network Commissioning Event.
  • April 2003: Pilot IPv6 services on GÉANT started.
  • November 2003: full IPv6 production service launched.
  • December 2003: extension of GÉANT to South Eastern European Research and Education Networking (SEEREN) project completed.
  • September 2004: Commission grants EUR93 million to upgrade GÉANT.
  • September 2004: GÉANT project extended to June 2005, running alongside alongside GÉANT2.
(Co-)Funding EUR40 million annually, co-funded by the European Commission; EUR93 million for upgrade in September 2004.
Partners The GÉANT project is a collaboration between 26 European NRENs, the European Commission, and DANTE.
Events Global Research Networking Summit / GÉANT Network Commissioning Event - 21st/22nd May 2002.