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November 2000 - December 2006
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TF-NGN was set up as a joint TERENA-DANTE task force composed of representatives of the national research networks and of research institutions with the aim to study and develop strategically important technologies for the NRENs in the framework of - initially - GÉANT and subsequently the GÉANT2 project.

Most information on TF-NGN activities can be found on the TERENA website.To access the following Deliverables as produced between April 2001 and September 2002 click here

D9.1Specification and Implementation Plan for Premium IP
D9.1Addendum 1: Specification and Implementation Plan for Premium IP
D9.1Addendum 2: Service Level Agreements specification for IP Premium Service
D9.2Guidelines for Delivering Usable Multicast to the End User
D9.3IPv6 Testing
D9.4Testing of Traffic Measurement Tools
D9.5Proposal and Implementation Plan for the Migration and Current MBS
D9.6Report on IPv6 Tests Experiments and Status
D9.7Tests of traffic measurement tools
D9.8Optical Networking
D9.9Report on Experiments with Less than Best Efforts (LBE) Quality of Service
SEQUIN D2.1Quality of Service Definition