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EuropaNET Document Library

31st August 1993
Operational Network Services for the European Research Community (34 kB)
Howard Davies, August 1993, INET '93 August 17-20, 1993 San Francisco, California.

30th June 1994
DANTE and EuropaNET: a profile (68 kB)
Article published in ConneXions, The Interoperability Report, Vol 8 No.6, 1994.

31st October 1994
There's no such thing as a free Internet (32 kB)
Article published in the Journal of Information Networking, JoIN, Volume 1 Number 3, 1994.

5th May 1995
DANTE awards EuropaNET continuation contract to BT (9 kB)
DANTE Press Release

6th October 1995
BT launches EuropaNET backbone for DANTE (9 kB)
DANTE Press Release

5th April 1996
Three graphs showing traffic on EuropaNET between September 1993 and March 1996 (27 kB)

17th July 1996
IBDNS to INCS transition webpages (29 kB)
Information on transition from BT's IBDNS to INCS - Summer 1996.

29th August 1996
EuropaNET map - August 1996 (65 kB)

31st January 1997
Diagram: European and Intercontinental connectivity of European research networks (51 kB)

12th May 1997
EuropaNET (backbone) Access capacities - April 1997 (8 kB)

31st October 1997
Intercontinental Connectivity developments as reported in TWOD 1993-1997 (45 kB)
Overview of developments.