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Phare Document Library

31st January 1996
Phare Initial Status Reports (189 kB)
Questionnaire for international router operation and installation - January 1996

22nd July 1997
Phare 1994 Summary (21 kB)
Web page briefly summarising Phare 1994 impact

23rd February 1996
Evaluating Phare 1994 (700 kB)
Paper by Tomaz Kalin prepared for the Phare Project Office - February 1997

31st May 1996
Paving the Highway by Phare (168 kB)
István Tétényi, May 1996, JENC7, the 7th annual Joint European Networking Conference, 13th-16th May 1996, Budapest, Hungary

31st October 1994
The Phare Connection
Overview of Phare project - for publicity purposes (undated web page)

30th September 1996
Phare map - September 1996 (15 kB)