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EuroCAIRN logo European Co-operation for Academic and Industrial Research Networking (Eureka Project 1061)
October 1993 - June 1996
  1. Preparing for the next generation pan-European research network after EuropaNET.
  • Documented the high-speed networking requirements of the European research networks.
  • Presented a plan/blueprint for the setting up of a high-speed pan-European infrastructure.
  • May 1994: DANTE contracted to produce report.
  • November 1994: interim report submitted.
  • November 1994: consultation meeting with NREN representatives.
  • December 1994: draft final report submitted.
  • January 1995: submission of final report.
  • March 1995: approval of final report.
(Co-)Funding Budget: EUR920 000.
Partners European Commission
Royal Ministry of Education, Research & Church Affairs (Project Initiator) (Norway)

Federal Ministry of Science and Research (Austria)
Science Policy Office (Belgium)
Ministry of Research (Denmark)
Ministry of Education (Finland)
Federal Ministry for Research and Technology (Germany)
R&D Information Infrastructure Program Co-ordination Office (Hungary)
Irish Science and Technology Agency (Ireland)
Ministry of Universities, Scientific Research and Technology (INFN-CNAF) (Italy)
Ministry of Education (Luxembourg)
Ministry of Education and Science (Netherlands)
Junta Nacional de Investigacao Cientifica e Technologica (JNICT) (Portugal)
Ministry of Science and Technology (Slovenia)
Ministry of Education and Science (Sweden)
Federal Office of Education and Science (Switzerland)
Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (Turkey)
Joint Information Systems Committee(UK)