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TEN-34 logo Trans-European Network at 34Mbps
February 1997 - December 1998
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  1. Establishment of up to 34Mbps pan-European research network based on IP.
  2. Establishment of ATM test network (JAMES) by TF-TEN.
  • Connected 15 countries at speeds between 6-24Mbps.
  • Provided a high-quality and reliable service.
  • Offered a 45Mbps connection to the USA.
  • August 1996: planning complete.
  • September 1996: go-ahead.
  • October 1996: contracts complete.
  • March 1997: start of production network.
  • May 1997: TEN-34 Launch Event in Cambridge.
  • March 1998: planned configuration completed.
  • November 1997: execution of user survey.
  • November 1998: end of TEN-34 service, replaced by TEN-155.
(Co-)Funding Co-funded (ECU12 million) under a joint initiative by DG-XIII (Telematics for Research) and DG-III (Esprit) of the European Commission.
Partners DANTE (Coordinating Partner)
ACOnet (Austria)
ARNES (Slovenia)
BELNET (Belgium)
CESNET (Czech Republic)
DFN (Germany)
FCCN (Portugal)
GSRT (Greece)
INFN (Italy)
NORDUnet (Nordic countries)
RedIRIS (Spain)
RENATER (France)
RESTENA (Luxembourg)
SURFnet (The Netherlands)
SWITCH (Switzerland)
Event TEN-34 Launch in Cambridge, May 1997.