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NameFLOW logo Internal directory service for the R&D community based on OSI X.500 standard
  1. 1991 - May 1994 COSINE PARADISE project
  2. 1994 - NameFLOW-Paradise service delivered and further developed by DANTE
  1. To establish an international, standardised, distributed directory to store contact details of researchers so that members of the community could find information about other organisations and people quickly and easily.
Achievements Testing and implementing emerging directory technologies in line with international developments and in cooperation with relevant organisations and projects, such as DESIRE and DIRECT.
  • May 1994: PARADISE pilot project becomes NameFLOW-Paradise service.
  • May 1995: start of (93) pilot (1993 edition of the X.500 Directory standard).
  • May 1998: start of LDAP pilot.
  • October 1998: DANTE takes over operational management from ULCC.
  • December 1999: DANTE migrates to the 1993 edition of the X.500 directory Standard.
  • 31 December 1999: old QUIPU server shut down.
  • January 2000: switch to the new central Directory server, based on X.500 1993 edition.
  • 2001: DANTE migrates to LDAP architecture.
  • End of 2001: NameFLOW X.500 server decommissioned.
Partners/Customers European NRENs (customers) but also national directory services from other regions and continents (partners).