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DANTE's involvement in the provision of security services evolved between 1996 and mid-1998 from piloting a pilot EuroCERT service (in partnership with UKERNA) to the launch of in-house security services to its own customers under the name DANCERT.
  • December 1996: TERENA awards DANTE and UKERNA partnership one-year contract for the set-up of a pilot European Security Incident Response Coordination Service.
  • October 1996: DANTE becomes FIRST liaison member.
  • May 1997: start of the EuroCERT pilot.
  • January 1998: TERENA accepts proposal by UKERNA for the provision of an incident co-ordination service, to start in May 1998.
  • May 1998: pilot EuroCERT ends, EuroCERT service by UKERNA starts.
  • June 1998: DANTE establishes DANCERT for its own customers.
  • September 1999: End ofEuroCERT.
Documents28th February 2001
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30th March 2001

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David Harmelin, March 2001