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Q-Med logo QUAlity Network Technology for User-oriented Multimedia in the eastern MEDiterranean region
1 December 1998 - 31 October 2000
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  1. Create virtual regional network and provide connectivity to TEN-155 for Israel and Cyprus.
  2. Participate in QUANTUM Test programme.
  3. Investigate and identify pilot applications that would improve QoS for the region.
  4. Promote academic networking within the region in order to involve more countries.
  • Israeli and Cypriot NREN connections to TEN-155 available to production traffic in May 1999, i.e. less than 5 months after the roll-out of the network.
  • Q-MED partners were able to participate in the TF-TANT task force and the QUANTUM Test Programme on the same terms as QUANTUM partners.
  • Participants in Q-MED promoted the project and the idea of regional academic networking among all Third Mediterranean Countries (TMC) in conferences and workshops.
  • They launched initiatives to support this goal in the years to come, including the preparation of a project proposal for further regional collaboration, MEDNET.
  • November 1998: tender responses received.
  • May 1999: 34Mbps connection of the Israeli NREN and first 2Mbps line of Cypriot NREN to TEN-155 available; start of the MEDNET initiative.
  • October 1999: second 2Mbps line to Cyprus available.
  • March 2000: programme of demonstrations involving companies from Cyprus, Greece and Israel in Nicosia.
Partners DANTE (Coordinating Partner)
MACHBA/IUCC (Israeli InterUniversity Computation Center)
University of Cyprus/CYNET
Budget Overall cost: EUR7 863 666
European Commission contribution: EUR2.6 million
Documents 30th April 1999
On recent trends in Euro-Mediterranean Academic and Research Networking - paper (13 kB)
V. Maglaris, T. Karounos, N. Katsanou, P. Stefaneas - EU Conference "The Information Society and Telematics applications: An opportunity also for the Mediterranean Third Countries". Catania, Sicily, 16-18 April 1999.

28th June 2000
Deliverable D.5.1 Report on Q-med Applications (72 kB)
This work package aims at exploring how new technologies could generate and promote new applications, and at specifying the needs that need to be addressed of a limited user group of the region.

16th October 2000
Deliverable D2.1 Report on Promotional Activities & External Relations (100 kB)
This work package documents the activities carried out to promote research networking, to disseminate new technologies and to generate new regional activities within the Eastern Mediterranean region.